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Welcome to Kava Up, LLC, a Hawaii-based tech company. Our remote team delivers value-driven solutions, crafting modern, user-friendly software that drive growth and engage users. Inspired by innovation and creativity, we stay at the forefront of technology to optimize our client's success. As a strategic partner, we ensure open communication, providing regular updates and seeking feedback throughout the development process. From concept to deployment, experience the Kava Up, LLC Difference – a dedicated team exceeding expectations, leaving a lasting impact on your users. Let's turn your ideas into reality. Partner with us today and elevate your business.


Meet the Team

Sonny profile.png

Sonny Stevenson

Founder / Manager


Colin Shepard

Software Engineer


James Timberlake

Senior Software Engineer


Tyler Barnett

Senior Software Engineer


Micah Yoshinaga

Senior Software Engineer

Robert Coan.png

Robert Coan

Senior Software Engineer


Mashok Khan

UX Designer

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